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The move was a smooth experience and I am very happy with the professionalism and work of the people at Joyce. I have moved seven times in the last 15 years, and this was by far the best experience I’ve had, and the most reasonable cost. I am an enthusiastic voice in the praise of Joyce.

WiltonCT to Santa Barbara, CA

You and your entire team were exceptional – not only organized and efficient but super friendly as well and you arrived ahead of schedule. The icing on the cake was the driver who met me here in Scottsdale – a very funny guy, who let me check out something I’ve always been curious about – the inside of the long-haul truck’s cab. I will certainly recommend you guys and if I ever need to move again I’m calling Joyce Van Lines!

Cos CobCT to Scottsdale, AZ

Thank you so much! You, June, Perry and his whole crew are a class act… the GOLD STANDARD for moving companies.

Gulf ShoresAL to Tomball, TX

Joyce Van Lines

Joyce Van Lines has been recognized throughout the industry as a premier full service moving and storage company. Our commitment to excellence has been recognized repeatedly through the receipt of multiple awards:

• Cartus Commitment to Excellence Gold Award  for High Volume Domestic US Moving Services and for Moving the nations top executives at Fortune 500 companies

• Endorsed Mover by MovingScam.com

• A+ rating Better Business Bureau

• A+ rating from Angie’s List

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Moving for Love

By | Moving

They say “love knows no distance” and it’s true it isn’t impossible to have a successful long distance relationship but it certainly requires a lot of effort to make it work. You need to be willing to dedicate time to travel and eventually eliminate the long-distance factor. That’s right it means that either one of you will have to move or the both of you can start fresh in a new city.

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6 Reasons to Hire a Professional Mover

By | Moving


Moving to a new home can be stressful and overwhelming. It requires a lot of preparation, planning, and energy. But if you hire the experts all that stress can be significantly reduced. Check out some of the benefits of hiring a professional to do all the “heavy lifting”.

1. You’ll save time!

You never know how much stuff you have until you’re packing up to move! This can be a never-ending task! But if you hire a moving company to do it for you the only thing you’ll need to worry about will be deciding what to bring to the new home!

2. You’ll avoid improper packing!

Throughout the years you’ve accumulated all kinds of things, some hold a sentimental value, other items are expensive and then there are the ones that are too fragile (glassware, china, artwork, furniture, and electronics). Not every item should be packed in the same way! The professionals are aware of the various risks that may threaten the integrity of your belongings and of the most common reasons for items to get damaged during shipment. Sure there is always the risk of damage during the move but having an expert to do the packing will certainly reduce it.

3. Liability!

Your movers will be liable for the items that they pack! If you do it yourself you will be responsible for any damage! Also, they offer insurance options!

4. Efficiency

If you do the moving on your own more than likely you’ll have to ask time off from work to do all the packing, planning and even to do the actual moving. If you aren’t that lucky and can’t take time off then you’ll be overwhelmed by having to do all the preparation during your free time which will make the moving process last longer! Imagine having to deal with long commutes, traffic, work-related issues and then having to go home to pack!

5. You won’t have to coordinate friends….

A moving company will guarantee the right amount of personnel needed to get the job done! Otherwise, you’d have to ask your friends, colleagues or neighbors for help and that could slow down the process due to everyone’s diverse schedules and availability.

6. You won’t do the heavy lifting!

Moving is not only stressful but it also requires physical strength and energy! Hiring a professional moving company guarantees that your belongings will be loaded into a truck and then brought safely into your new home without you having to do any extra time at the gym!



Feel at Home in Your New Place

By | Moving

You just into your new place and suddenly you’re feeling overwhelmed by blank walls,  boxes and stuff lying around EVERYWHERE. While homeowners have the luxury of customizing their home into their heart’s desire, renters are a little more restricted.

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