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You’ve just rented or bought your new place and are ready to start the next chapter of your life. You can see the finish line, and it’s almost there! Now you just have to cross it. With so many different aspects involved with moving, it’s easy to forget about something here or there. These bits of advice will help ensure that your moving day is a smooth one, void of any unnecessary last-minute headaches and heartbreaks.

Not removing fragile items from storage furniture

The day has finally arrived and you’re getting excited about your new setup already. You’re still not finished packing though. Putting everything away is taking longer than expected. After a long packing and organization session, you think that you’ve finally finished packing up your whole house. You walk around your place one last time and notice a storage furniture full of small items that you’re way too tired to pack. Once you move the furniture you notice you don’t like it. All the small items are scattered around and look disastrous.
This frustration could’ve been easily avoided. If it is a lightweight storage furniture, remove everything before the move. You will thank us later.

Not considering parking space

They day of moving is here! The truck is outside and now they’re looking for a space to park and start mounting the truck with your stuff. You dash outside and the closest parking spot is 2 blocks away, and you inform the movers of the situation.
Reserving a parking spot at both locations is essential for an efficient move. The onus is on the customer to provide parking for the moving truck. Any parking tickets incurred are also the responsibility of the customer, so by securing parking spaces at both locations, you will not have to incur any additional fees/fines. It will make for a shorter and easier move.



Not reserving elevators

The movers have arrived, and they enter your apartment. They lift and carry your couch to the hallway but the elevator are taking forever, as, to be expected, you’re not the only one using them.
If you live in an apartment building or high-rise condo, you will need to reserve an elevator, and coordinate the times with your moving company. Buildings usually equip and protect the service elevator with padding/blankets before the start of the move, and most places will not even allow you to move without reserving one. Many buildings also require a “Certificate Of Insurance” from the moving company. This COI usually needs to be received before the day of the move. To obtain a copy, it’s as easy as requesting one from the moving company via email or fax.

Not labeling boxes according to rooms

You did it! The move is complete, the movers have left, and now you’re alone in your new place with all your possessions. But then you look around the house, and there are boxes everywhere. You open the first box in the living room, and see that it’s full of dishes. You go to the kitchen, and find out that those boxes are full of blankets and clothing. As tired as you are, you realize that this move isn’t close to being done.
To help alleviate this problem, there is a simple process that can be done while packing – labeling each box as it is packed. By doing this, your movers will be able to place the labelled boxes in their desired room. The last thing you want to do on moving day is to spend unnecessary hours dedicated to finding items all over the house, and then having to place them where they belong. A simple label on each box will make it that much easier to set your new place up and have it feeling like home in no time. The movers will also be able to figure out the safest way to stack the boxes on the moving truck. Writing “fragile” on boxes of delicate items will also let us know how to individually treat each box.