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5 Tips to Choose your Mover

If you are moving soon and you don’t know where to start. This is for you ! Find below 5 simple steps to help you choose the right mover for you!

  • Research

Find the best movers near you!

Before you take advantage of any professional moving service you need to know who those moving companies are. Here are some tips so you can find the best match for you:
Go online: Make the best use of technology ! You don’t need to leave the house in order to find the moving company that will best suit you!
Some sites like  inquire on what your moving needs are so they can find the best option for you.

  •  Get recommendations!

Word of mouth is the original social media platform. So why not take the time to ask your friends, co- workers, neighbors on what their experience has been with any given moving company.

  • Make sure your mover is legitimate!

Once you know what your options are make sure the mover is registered with the federal government!

You can go to : and search by company name.

Check out the moving company in the American Moving & Storage Association


The AMSA has a program called “Promover”. A company that is certified as a promover:

  • Is licensed and insured
  • Complies with  Federal Regulations
  • Maintains Acceptable BBB Ratings
  • Is Vetted and Certified by AMSA
  • Abides by Ethical Business Practices
  • Check for reviews!

Here are some sites that will allow you to gain some perspective on other people’s experience:

  • Compare!

Get estimates from different companies but make sure to develop your list of priorities so you don’t compromise quality for price.