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Moving can be stressful and  expensive especially if you leave everything to the very last minute. You may think that the best way to save money is to do all the moving related things on your own like getting a truck and asking a few friends to help you pack and load your belongings and although that may represent a lower cost the  truth is that it may also represent more stress.

Being well informed and planning ahead is definitely the best way to get the full value of a professional moving company for less. Why would you do everything on your own when you can get the experts to do it? Exactly!

Knowing when the best time to move is can have a very positive impact in your wallet.

Check out some of the most recent statistics for 2016 regarding the moving industry.

Best Time of the Year

Summer is one of the busiest time of year for the moving industry. This means that due to the high demand May to September will be the months to avoid in order to save some money. Based on that the best time of the year to move and get the best value is the winter ( anytime between January -April or  October-December).

Best time of the month

Moving and Real Estate are related industries. Most people choose to move right after their monthly lease is done so this means that the best time of the month to get the best value is right in the middle.

Best day of the week

The busiest days of the week are Friday, Saturday and Monday so the best days to book your move would be Wednesday through Thursday.

There you have it planning and being well informed is key to have the best value for less!