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You just into your new place and suddenly you’re feeling overwhelmed by blank walls,  boxes and stuff lying around EVERYWHERE. While homeowners have the luxury of customizing their home into their heart’s desire, renters are a little more restricted. Thankfully, there are still plenty of ways that you can customize your space, adding your personal touch and preparing it for living. Here’s how to start turning your new place into a cozy home.

Unbox Everything

Pretty obvious, but it’s easier said than done sometimes. With our work schedules and busy lives, it’s easy to ignore the giant stack of boxes. Make your new place feel like home right away by unpacking everything as soon as possible, you can worry about organizing these items later. This is just the first step to getting things done.

Prioritize the Largest Items

Get all the big things out and set up your lamps, furniture, and anything that needs to be put together as quickly as possible. You can change the layout and order later, but this will help you make a blueprint of your new space, establishing where everything goes and allowing you to feel at home right away.

Make Your Bed

Nothing says cozy, comfortable home like a freshly made bed. Get your bed setup done as soon as your make it to your new home and get ready for a well-deserved rest.

Turn on the beats

Get inspired to have a fun unpacking by putting on your favorite songs. Music helps reduce stress, so if you’re freaking out about the amount of unpacking you have to do, your favorite playlist might be just what you need for relief.

Get your personal bathroom ready

You may have a new shower curtain, but most items in your bathroom are likely brought from the last place you lived. You probably use them every day, as well, bringing a sense of comfort when unpacking them.Get your medicine cabinet set up and decide how you want your new sink and vanity area to look. Little tasks like this make all the difference when you want to feel at home in your new apartment.

Open Up Space

If you’re feeling claustrophobic in your new, small space, there are a few things you can do to open it up. One easy way to do that is to open the windows, but if you’re in a tiny city apartment, that may not do much to help. However, finding soft incandescent bulbs can be a good alternative to replace natural light and open up your space. If you don’t have access to natural light, use lamps with soft incandescent bulbs to replace the light you’re missing (fluorescent lighting can be harsh and unpleasant), according to experts.

Unpack a Piece of Home

If you moved from far away, unpack the things that remind you of home right away. Pictures of friends and family, posters you’ve had forever, and that hamper that made it through all four years of college. You’ll love reminiscing as you pull the items out, and will feel better being able to see them as you make your way from room to room.

Do a Security Check

Check all your doors and windows for any potential security issues right when you move in. You’ll feel safer knowing that your window and door locks are safe and secure. If they’re not, call your property manager right away and they can come install a temporary fix or take care of the problem.

Host a Dinner

If you didn’t move far away from home, and still have friends nearby, host a dinner or small group gathering. You’ll immediately feel at home having all your friends chatting and enjoying themselves in your new space.


When all’s said and done, curl up on your couch, put on a movie you love and relax. Nothing will help you feel better than a good movie night and some much-needed shut-eye.