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They say “love knows no distance”, and it’s true it isn’t impossible to have a successful long distance relationship, but it certainly requires a lot of effort to make it work. You need to be willing to dedicate time to travel and eventually eliminate the long-distance factor. That’s right it means that either one of you will have to move or the both of you can start fresh in a new city. Bottom line the long distance should have an expiration date so the relationship can succeed and most importantly you and your significant other should be on the same page.

So if you are seriously considering moving for love take your time to read the following tips.

Willingness to move

Both of you should be on the same page and discuss very early in the relationship what your life goals are and if either of you would ever consider moving. Do not postpone that conversation since it is very important to know where either of you stands.

Who should move?

One of you could move or both of you could start fresh in a new city. It all depends on what your particular situation is. The financial stability that either of you has and what would be more beneficial for you as a couple.

Where will you live?

Just because you are removing the long distance it doesn’t mean that you should assume that you will be living together. Discuss with your partner if you are both ready to make that commitment once you are both in the same city and how long it will take for you to be ready.

Career/ Work Opportunities

It is important that you both consider what the job opportunities for the person moving will be after all finances can be a huge source of issue for couples. Also moving by itself is already a big change. Make sure to plan ahead so you can have as many options as possible.


Moving means you’ll need to put your social skills to the test. It will be a great opportunity to make new friends. It could be kind of intimidating but it is definitely important. A great idea is to make friends with your significant other’s friends or socialize doing the things that you like doing. If you like to go to church then look for a local church and try to make friends there. If you like dancing or languages then sign up for some lessons, it will be a great way to be surrounded by people that share your interests.

Back up plan

Make sure to move for the right reasons. If you move because you don’t trust your partner than moving is not the solution. You need to make this step because you both want to make the relationship work and you’re both ready to make this commitment. Remember that there is always the possibility that the relationship doesn’t work so always make sure to think of the possible scenarios in advance and to avoid blaming the other person for your own decisions.

Never assume

Never assume that your partner feels this way or the other. Make sure to discuss the different issues that may come up due to this big step.