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If moving is on the horizon, I’d suggest that you move in January for these reasons:

Apartment Sales + Availability 

A lot of the time, around the first of the year there will be tons of signs around town for new apartment complexes and units that have opened up. The apartments tend to really crave new tenants at this time, sometimes allowing for additional sales to occur, or perhaps a discounted or waived application fee.

Holiday + Black Friday Deals 

The number one savior for my boyfriend and I was Black Friday sales. No joke. The sales that we were able to find on furniture, electronics, bedding and appliances saved us hundreds of dollars as opposed to buying these items on a regular discount any other day of the year. We tore those Black Friday ads UP!

Budgeting (and Tax Returns!)

Tax return money will be coming very soon, meaning that all the money you just invested in your furniture and necessities will come back (a lot of it, at least) quickly. Unlike moving in the middle of the year and trying to juggle your budget, your tax return gives you a bit of a buffer.

Equally helpful, moving on the first of the year allows you to start fresh and begin your budgeting with the move in mind. Finances are prone to getting a bit wonky when you up and move at a random time throughout the year.

No Sweat Here 

I don’t care where you live: at least you aren’t moving on August 1 in the extreme heat and sun! It was key that I moved in winter to avoid straining myself and my moving helpers (aka friends and family) anymore than I had to. Of course, you should still buy your helpers pizza and beer, but trust me: they’ll thank you for the cool breeze as they haul your heavy couch upstairs!

New Year, New Beginnings

Above all, take this as your chance for new beginnings – a fresh start with yourself or your loved one(s). The new year is all about change, self-growth and inspiration. Pushing yourself to an entirely different living location can be scary, but what better time of the year to do it than just in time for New Year’s resolutions!?

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