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When moving, there are a ton of things to do, and not enough hours in the day to do them. So, in case you’re a forgetful packer, mover, or person in general – these are vital moving must-dos.

1. Keep yourself organized

There’s a lot of paperwork and confirmations that will be floating around. Get a binder, folders, and dividers to keep track of important moving info. If you’re more of a techie, start sorting those email folders.

2. Figure out how you’re moving

Are you bribing your friends with punch and pizza? Is your family forming a caravan? Are you hiring a moving company? Now’s the time to decide. If you’re using a moving company, look at their reviews. If friends and family are helping, coordinate meeting times and locations.

3. Turn off or transfer service at the old place

Electricity, water, internet, cable (if that’s still your thing) – if you pay a bill for it, it needs to be turned off at your old place so you’re not paying for someone else to use it.

4. Turn on service at your new place

Well, now you need all of that stuff that you just turned off, turned on at your new place. Leave a little overlap between stuff being turned off and things being turned on at your new place. It’ll be useful to keep a few things active while you move back and forth.

5. Transfer your insurance

Whether it’s home insurance or renters, call your agent and tell them the new address you need to insure. Unless you want to shop for new insurance. Then, cancel your old policy and get the new one for your new address.

6. Order supplies

Boxes, tape, paper, bubble wrap – anything you need to get your stuff from point A to point B, put it on a checklist and pick it up from a mailroom, grocery, or hardware store.

7. Sort your stuff

If you’re pulling out everything out anyway, consider if you really need that shirt or knickknack. Remember, the more you toss, the less you have to move.

8. Make an inventory

Make a list of the things you are keeping/moving. You can make a physical list or use Google Drive. (It could even be useful as an up-to-date home inventory.)

9. Do a change of address

Make sure no one is getting your mail but you. Put in a change of address and make sure they forward any mail that goes to your old place to your new address for a while.

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