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After a long day of moving, no one wants to go ahead and start unpacking and organizing everything, we understand that. While you don’t want to wait too long to settle in, you have earned the right to take a night out and enjoy your new home. We share with you a few ideas that will not be so taxing on your first few days.

Get some take out

We get it. You’re probably pretty tired. You don’t muster the fact of having to cook and do the dishes afterwards. Treat yourself, and order in! Dinner is delivered right to your door and you can either take a nap on the couch, lie down with a book or, if you’re so inclined, start unpacking a few things.

Game & movie night

If you’ve got access to board games or card games, clear a space on the floor (or at the table, if it’s set up) and unwind for a few hours. It’s okay to invite friends over!

Get the feel of the new place by pulling out your favorite displaying device and put on a new film you’ve been meaning to watch.

Visit nearby restaurants

You probably aren’t in the mood for cooking or unpacking your kitchen supplies, so step out for a few hours and relax at a nearby restaurant and enjoy the culinary offers of your new neighborhood.